AUFEER TRANSPORTATION brings together professionals with many years of experience in the field of design, development and engineering, particularly in the Mobility industry

Rolling Stock

In the field of rolling stock, our company's capabilities lie primarily in the creation of interior design solutions whilst respecting the requirements of the TSI directive and the requirements of the customer, as well as the construction of a rough shell and welded framework including its strength calculations, interior elements and their development, electrical engineering development and the development of pneumatic units, including screw connection calculations.


Another area of our specialisation is aerospace.  Our services focus on the development and construction of the primary and secondary structures of the aircraft, interiors and equipment for passenger cabins of commercial aircraft.  We provide design services for standard and VIP interior designs.  We further modernise existing interiors of commercial aircraft from preliminary design to detailed drawings. This includes strength calculations using modern CAE programs.

Construction and Production Activities

We also carry out projects for assembly, inspection and the measuring of instruments, as well as specific cubing designs for complete auto body inspection or cubing designs of functional parts. When cooperating with manufacturing companies, we also take care of the final realisation upon request.  Our designers are also involved in the realisation of a project directly at the customer's location or registered office where they help fill the labour gap in construction capacity or carry out development work within the customer's internal routine.

We are able to complete all our projects as a package deal, and we can even do so directly at the customer's location, including remote locations. Alternatively, we can complete the project at our own offices, work which is charged for at an hourly rate.  We perform our work either on our own equipment or on the customer's HW/SW equipment. We offer design solutions in the form of a contract, which includes project management and supplier coordination and monitoring.